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We are incredibly honored to have won Top 3 Best Chiropractors in last year’s Best of the Finger Lakes 2020! Our mission has always been to serve, honor and educate our community, and we are grateful to be able to do so. Thank you so much for voting for us, and continuing to share your treatment success stories with the community!



"Kids and Chiro"

"When our 7-year old son began experiencing vocal and motor tics and increased anxiety, we decided to explore chiropractic care to see if we would calm his system and ease his mind. The results that we have seen over the last 7 months have, by far, exceeded our expectations. Not only have his vocal and motor tics significantly diminished (to the point where they are essentially non-existent), but our son has become very in tune to his body. Dr. Melissa and the staff at Chosen Spot Chiropractic have fostered a warm, welcoming, and trusting environment which has allowed our son to “shine his brightest light” and be his most comfortable and authentic self. Dr. Melissa’s approach with children is genuine and she has made an incredible impression on all of us! Thank you Dr. Melissa!"

- Stephanie L.


I started chiropractic visits for my two children because I thought "if it helps me, I bet it could really help active, quickly-growing children." I mentioned that my son had struggled with night terrors since he was three, they're intense, and we'd previously been told to just hope he grows out of them. Dr. John thought he might be able to help; he assessed, did some adjustments, and the terrors have vastly improved! I wish we'd started this long ago!



Dr. John has also helped sport-related pain issues in both of my children, now ages 11 and 14. As a former athlete, he listens to my kids when they explain their pain, asks a lot of questions regarding their activities, and adjusts accordingly. They always feel immediate pain relief and come away with suggestions on stretches and other things that can help. We are big fans of and very grateful for Dr. John!


I started chiropractic visits for my children (then ages 10/13, now 11/14) because I've benefited from chiropractic care in my 40s and I thought "If it helps me, I bet it could really help active, quickly-growing children." I thought of it as  health and wellness support.


A few visits in, I mentioned offhand that my son had struggled with night terrors since he was three. If you've never experienced them with a child, they're tough to explain, intense, and there's not a lot that can be done other than hope they grow out of them. Dr. John thought he might be able to help. He assessed, did some adjustments, and the terrors have vastly improved. I wish we'd started this long ago. 


Dr. John has also helped address sport-related pain issues in both of my children. As a former athlete, he listens to my kids when they explain their pain, asks a lot of questions regarding their activities, and adjusts accordingly. They always feel immediate pain relief and come away with suggestions on stretches and other things that can help.

We are big fans of and very grateful for Dr. John!


I was having difficulty bottle feeding my son. I was referred to the Chosen Spot by my lactation consultant. It turns out, that because my son had a tongue tie, he suffered from a diminished sucking reflex. Dr. Melissa was able to work with my son and correct all of his sucking issues. He also wasn't able to fully turn his head to the left and they corrected that too. Lincoln has been going consistently since and we have never had any ear infections or any other issues. This type of preventative care is something I will always recommend to people. 

My husband and I also go regularly and my baby needed a lot of work after giving birth. Dr. Maggie has been able to help me strengthen my pelvic floor and I no longer have chronic pain in between adjustments. The Chosen Spot has been a life changer for my whole family.


"Hip and Back Pain"

"For close to a year I've had constant hip and foot pain... Dr. Meglino spent a long time with me... Besides finally finding someone who actually listened to me, I was given hope... After a month of appointments I am pretty close to pain free. The shoe inserts have been life saving, I'll keep going to maintain this success and I am so grateful to Dr. Meglino for everything she's doing."  

- Fran Wadham


“Dr. John is amazing, the results we have gained are almost unbelievable. I was hopeful as soon as I walked in the door for the first time, it just felt different. The initial visit set the tone for the relationship, as Dr. John truly listened to my concerns. I have had back & hip issues for years that have never been resolved with traditional Chiropractic care. My pain prior to meeting Dr. John was unbearable, I can’t fully explain the difference that he has made in my overall health & wellness.  If you are looking for someone who genuinely cares about you and your health, call Chosen Spot Chiropractic.”


“I came to help my back pain. I keep coming back because Dr Melissa has helped my PMS and my back. It has helped my marriage. I couldn’t thank you all enough. I am a better person after just two visits. I can’t wait to see how much I change as this process continues.” 

- Rebecca D.

"Mind and Body Connection"

“I am a better ‘me’ because of this office’s great chiropractic care! I never knew the connection to nutrition and mental/physical well-being. Coming back regularly is essential for me. The nutritional supplement suggestions I have gotten have improved my physical and mental well-being. I try to share my wonderful experience with everyone, trying to improve their health and wellness. Thank you!”


“Chiropractic helped me LEARN to LISTEN to my body. It allowed me to learn about my body and how to
treat causes, not symptoms. Chiropractic taught me TRUE HEALTH!” 

- Theresa DeRycke


“Chiropractic care has provided me the path to a healthy life (both mind and body). I have learned too many interesting things to list. It has also taught me food can be a trigger to numerous issues, but can also heal. Choosing wisely helps everyone to live a better life. Before chiropractic care, I would have never thought food as trigger to intestinal issues. Thank you!”


"Overall Wellness"


"After going to a couple different chiropractors and not getting results, I chose the Chosen Spot Chiropractic. I am a patient of Dr. John Petro. My first visit, Dr. John took the whole visit getting to know me, learn my situation and assess me. He gave me an idea of what his approach to helping me would be. Dr. John recommended Foot Levelers and four visits later I am close to feeling 100%. Something I have not been able to achieve in literally years of visits other places. Dr. John is a caring, thorough, and knowledgeable Chiropractor. I travel 45 miles 1 way to see him and will continue to do so."

-Louis Smith



"Chiropractic and nutrition guidance from Chosen Spot Chiropractic has freed me from all prescription medicine, helped me lead a healthier lifestyle and in 2 years I have lost 140 lbs with the help of CHIROPRACTIC & DR. MAGGIE!"



“My life and health are consistently better with chiropractic! Most notable, my mood is even, I sleep
more soundly, and my digestion is regular. My chiropractor was the only doctor to recognize a fracture in my spine.”


"Head Trauma"


"After receiving a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) overseas I received the best treatment that the military could provide to get me back on my feet.

Constant migraines, confusion & dizziness became my new normal preventing me from effectively doing my job and ultimately forcing me into a very early medical retirement. Four different neurologists told me I would never heal any more due to my condition. At my darkest point I begged a hospital doctor to take my life since nothing could take my pain away. For months my Aunt, a patient of Dr. Melissa, pushed me to move & receive chiropractic treatment at Chosen Spot.

My intentions were to move here to be close to the VA, and receive care three times before politely telling my Aunt that they wouldn't be able to help me. Having a single-minded view of medicine was CONFIDENT that there was nothing they could do for me. Before I began treatment, Dr. Maggie ordered a CT scan of my neck and the base of my skull, the same imaging a neurologist would order, just focusing on a slightly different area. After seeing the results and hearing me share with her the same symptoms had shared so many times with other doctors, Dr. Maggie told me with confidence and compassion that she understood the pain I was feeling and would be able to help. I expected a stuffy, lifeless office, but instead was greeted by Jenny & Kristin, the two warmest people you could ever meet. expected to feel my body twisted wildly at someone else's mercy, but instead all adjustments that I have received from Dr.

Maggie have been gentle and medically precise. Throughout 2019 I was in the hospital at least once a month. In the six months I have been seeing Dr. Maggie I have not needed to go to the hospital a single time. My coordination has improved enough that I can ride a bike and do detailed carpentry. I can even work out without head pain for the first time in almost two years. If you are like I was and struggling with something difficult, for your own quality of life try visiting Chosen Spot Chiropractic. I can't promise a miracle, but I can promise that they are a miracle for me."

- C. Walters


"POTS Syndrome"

It's been awhile since l've shared anything about this particular topic, but I couldn't let October sneak away without sharing a bit for Dysautonomia Awareness Month - a piece of my life and the lives of so many others who struggle with this chronic illness behind closed doors. As many know, in the fall of 2020, I was diagnosed with POTS after nearly 5 years of incredibly challenging symptoms that I couldn't seem to get a handle on or find answers to. Countless doctors appointments, heart monitors, MRIs, blood work, to be repeatedly told that there was nothing wrong with me and it was probably just anxiety. Did I struggle with anxiety? You bet I did. (Who wouldn't after years of being told all of the terrifying symptoms I was having were all in my head and I just need to breathe more. lol) But I knew there was more to it, and after some additional testing, I finally received a diagnosis 2 years ago.

For me, living with POTS looks like:

- completely normal, symptom free days. (rare, but a gift.)

- hanging with friends or working and appearing normal, but riding waves of dizziness/partial blackouts and having a hard time focusing while standing and having a seemingly normal conversation.

- lashing out on the people I love for small things because l'm internally overwhelmed by managing my symptoms.

- starting my day on the floor because my heart couldn't keep up with my body when I got up out of bed.

- pushing through an 8 hr wedding day with ringing ears and tensing every muscle in my body to keep me from falling over despite my body's constant efforts to pull me to the ground - then needing double the recovery time the next day because of the strain it put on my body.

- Feeling 100% one minute, only to feel like l'm going to pass out the next.

- A whole day in my bed because everything hurts and any effort to move results in extreme dizziness/faintness and nausea.

POTS looks different on everyone who has it, every day. For some, it's far worse and debilitating. And for people like me, it's a silent battle happening behind my eyes as I go about my every day life.

Some days we have a "we got this" attitude, and other days are plagued with frustration, sadness, and exhaustion from this illness that feels never ending. After many failed "treatment plans" consisting of anxiety meds, blood pressure meds, vestibular therapy (the absolute worst, in case anyone was wondering), diet changes, etc.. I'm SO grateful that I've been able to live life more comfortably in the past 10 months than the past 5 years combined thanks to the help of Dr. Maggie at Chosen Spot Chiropractic & Wellness. I still deal with occasional flare-ups (and have been pushing through a particularly rough one for the past few weeks")

but I am a million miles away from where I was even a year ago, and for that I am beyond thankful.

To anyone out there struggling with an invisible illness - don't forget to take the day if you need to. IT'S OKAY. The world will still turn. People will survive if you choose to sit the bench for a day instead of pushing through. And to everyone else - here's your reminder that everyone's got stuff you don't know about. Just be kind and have grace.

- A. Ball


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