We are incredibly honored to have won Top 3 Best Chiropractors in this year’s Best of the Finger Lakes 2020! Our mission has always been to serve, honor and educate our community, and we are grateful to be able to do so. Thank you so much for voting for us, and continuing to share your treatment success stories with the community!

“Dr. John is amazing, the results we have gained are almost unbelievable. I was hopeful as soon as I walked in the door for the first time, it just felt different. The initial visit set the tone for the relationship, as Dr. John truly listened to my concerns. I have had back & hip issues for years that have never been resolved with traditional Chiropractic care. My pain prior to meeting Dr. John was unbearable, I can’t fully explain the difference that he has made in my overall health & wellness.  If you are looking for someone who genuinely cares about you and your health, call Chosen Spot Chiropractic.”


"For close to a year I've had constant hip and foot pain... Dr. Meglino spent a long time with me... besides finally finding someone who actaully listened to me, I was given hope... After a month of appointements I am pretty close to pain free. The shoe inserts have been life saving, I'll keep going to maintain this success and I am so greatful to Dr. Meglino for everything she's doing."  

- Fran Wadham



"Chiropractic and nutrition guidance from Chosen Spot Chiropractic has freed me from all prescription medicine, helped me lead a healthier lifestyle and in 2 years I have lost 140 lbs with the help of CHIROPRACTIC & DR. MAGGIE!"



"I had been dealing with daily headaches since the 1990's! Seeing Dr. Melissa changed my life! No More headaches - I can enjoy each and every day of my life headache free." 



“Dr. Melissa helped me through my pregnancy. She kept my hips in alignment and fixed all my baby pains! She helped me enjoy bringing my little one into the world!”



“I am a better ‘me’ because of this office’s great chiropractic care! I never knew the connection to nutrition and mental/physical well-being. Coming back regularly is essential for me. The nutritional supplement suggestions I have gotten have improved my physical and mental well-being. I try to share my wonderful experience with everyone, trying to improve their health and wellness. Thank you!”



“Chiropractic helped me LEARN to LISTEN to my body. It allowed me to learn about my body and how to
treat causes, not symptoms. Chiropractic taught me TRUE HEALTH!” 

- Theresa DeRycke



“My life and health are consistently better with chiropractic! Most notable, my mood is even, I sleep
more soundly, and my digestion is regular. My chiropractor was the only doctor to recognize a fracture in my spine.”



“I have always been a chiropractic skeptic, but it has helped with my low back/hip pain as well as my
sugar cravings. I guess I’m a believer now!” 

- K.T.



“I came to help my back pain. I keep coming back because Dr Melissa has helped my PMS and my back. It has helped my marriage. I couldn’t thank you all enough. I am a better person after just two visits. I can’t wait to see how much I change as this process continues.” 

- Rebecca D.



“Because of Dr Marcella, I am a 100% better person. When I first came in, I was a ‘disaster’ physically and mentally. With the help and kindness of Dr Marcella (and everyone in the office) I am 100% different as a whole – emotionally, mentally and of course physically!! I love chiropractic care!!” 

- Robin Myers



“Chiropractic care has provided me the path to a healthy life (both mind and body). I have learned too many interesting things to list. It has also taught me food can be a trigger to numerous issues, but can also heal. Choosing wisely helps everyone to live a better life. Before chiropractic care, I would have never thought food as trigger to intestinal issues. Thank you!”



“Today I feel a miracle has happened!! I’m standing straight and tall. I have been bent over and unable to stand tall for years. Thanks to my treatment today, my 85 year old body has a ‘new lease on life’. Thanks Marcella.” 

- Jean



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