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Dr. Melissa O'Loughlin was inspired by chiropractic After seeing it relieve her boyfriend's suffering from debilitating migraines. After several medical prescriptions and being told by his medical doctor that he would just have to live with pain, Dr. Melissa accompanied her boyfriend, Ryan, to his first chiropractic appointment which relieved almost all of his pain immediately. This was Dr. Melissa's first experience with chiropractic, and it was life altering!  She had never experienced a healing technique that was so natural, simple, and effective. She returned the next semester to her university, Boston College, and began Pre-Medical courses so she could attend chiropractic school for postgraduate study.


Upon graduation from BC, Dr. Melissa O'Loughlin moved to Canandaigua, NY in 2002 to study with New York Chiropractic College.  Dr. Melissa graduated as the salutatorian of her class and also received the highest award attainable from the Chief of Staff. Dr. Melissa O'Loughlin practiced chiropractic in Rochester as the owner of Nature's Path Chiropractic for several years before moving her practice to Canandaigua. She is excited to practice with other doctors specializing in Applied Kinesiology.


Dr. Melissa O'Loughlin is the only chiropractor in the Greater Canandaigua Area and was the first in Rochester to be Board Certified in the chiropractic care of children and pregnant women. She encourages others to learn more about her prestigious Board Certification from the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (  However, she is also proud of her certifications in Webster Technique, applied kinesiology, and Craniosacral therapy.  She completed these training courses in 2005 and uses these methods regularly in caring for her patients.


Dr. Melissa ended up marrying that boyfriend with migraines who inspired her path into chiropractic.  She and her amazing husband, Ryan, now have two sons, Quin and Jake.  When Dr. Melissa is not at the chiropractic office, she can be found practicing yoga, hiking, or taking requests from her family to adjust them at home! Ryan no longer has migraines while under regular chiropractic care, so he instead uses chiropractic during his training for half-marathons. Quin and Jake regularly use chiropractic to recover from the tumbles of active childhood, immune system support, and preventative healthcare. Believe it or not, Quin even began asking "Dr. Mommy" for his "justments" when he was 21 months old!


Dr. Melissa is excited to welcome you to her family practice.  She remembers that true care includes not only physical but also emotional and sometimes spiritually healing.  Everyone gets "homework" in Dr. Melissa's office — stretches, specific exercises, nutritional suggestions and more.  Dr. Melissa calls this "Educate to Empower," because when her patients are educated and learn about their bodies, they empower themselves to take control of their own health, life, and choices!

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