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Dr. Melissa O’Loughlin DC, CACCP is co-owner and one of the founders of Chosen Spot Chiropractic & Wellness.  Her formal training, including postdoctoral certifications, are as follows:


-Doctorate from New York Chiropractic College, graduated salutatorian of Class of 2006

-Applied Kinesiology certification by International College of Applied Kinesiology 

-Certified by Academy Council of Chiropractic Pediatrics

-Webster Pregnancy Technique certified by International Chiropractic Pediatric Association

-Upledger Craniosacral Therapy

-Graduate of various Breastfeeding/TOTs/Tongue Tie continuing education programs 

-Bachelors degree from Boston College, double majoring in Psychology and Pre-Medical Sciences


When she shares her story, Dr. O’Loughlin states, “I began my chiropractic career founding Nature’s Path Chiropractic in Rochester, NY.  Thereafter, I took a sabbatical to care for my son and myself in the postpartum days, an experience that profoundly shaped who I am as a woman, doctor, and consumer of healthcare.  


My journey in early motherhood was difficult, and the healthcare options available to me at the time were lacking.  I struggled in the traditional healthcare system that leaves mothers alone after her baby is born.  I struggled with an undiagnosed tongue tie affecting my ability to nurse my child and was minimized and rushed along when I asked for help.  I knew differently in my heart, and I vowed that the healthcare model I would cultivate in my next chiropractic practice would support families more fully.  


Hence, when I sold my Rochester chiropractic practice to move to Canandaigua and founded Chosen Spot Chiropractic & Wellness, I brought those early-mama life experiences with me to create something different with healthcare.  Something beyond even a traditional chiropractic office.  I wanted health care, not sickness care.  Holistic and integrative care.  At Chosen Spot Chiropractic, we acknowledge that families deserve more support, to know the full spectrum of their options, and to work beside practitioners that truly listen.  I continually expand my postgraduate education in natural family living and tie those conversations into my care plans at the office today. 


The Chiropractic adjustment allows us to shine our brightest light by bringing balance and peace to our nervous system.   Let us take that light and apply it to other, mindful choices.  Our conversations during treatment here will involve being mindful of the food choices we make, the herbs and nutritional supplements we offer our bodies, the thought patterns that heal or hinder us, and the chemicals we seek to minimize in our lives.  Emotional and spiritual well-being will be honored as well.”


Dr. O’Loughlin is currently accepting New Patients that are pregnant, postpartum, pediatric, or family members of my existing patients.  On occasion, new patients outside that range will be seen by special permission of the doctor.  Breastfeeding difficulties, including tongue tie rehabilitation, receive priority booking given their time-sensitive nature.  These infants receive care far beyond chiropractic, as it is blended with craniosacral therapy, energy work, rehabilitative exercises and lactation support.  


Dr. O’Loughlin has been invited to be a repeated guest speaker at New York Chiropractic College (currently known as Northeast College of Health Sciences) and also Nazareth College, a podcast, and various local parenting, lactation, and holistic moms support groups through the years.


She shares that, “Here, we will celebrate your healing together.  We will recognize your innate abilities.  It’s all a part of the healing process that begins within these walls and continues within you. 


This is not just my career.  This is my passion, my honor and my mission.  Being a chiropractor is a privilege.  Adjusting and serving your family, with love, is an honor. I treat you and your family like my own, because you deserve no less.


Welcome home to health.  I am so thankful you found us.

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