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 Doctor Benham is a Board Certified Chiropractor and an owner at Chosen Spot       Chiropractic & Wellness.  Her formal training includes;

        -   Doctorate from New York Chiropractic College with Advanced Certificate
           in Sports Science and Human Performance

        -   Applied Kinesiology certification from the International College

            Applied Kinesiology

        -   Bachelor’s Degree in Biology from State University at Geneseo



As a practitioner, I hope to create space for patients to heal by meeting them where they are with compassion.  Chiropractic and Natural Health Care aim to restore connection and balance to the nervous system and body.   In a place of connection and balance your body is powerfully designed to heal itself!  Highly specific Chiropractic adjustments restore nervous system function and proper movement in joints.  Most patients are relieved to know they are extremely gentle by design.  Our evaluation will identify your body’s ability to handle movement and stress in your current state of health using Applied Kinesiology.  This ensures that you possess the motor control and muscle function to support integrity of movement and hold Chiropractic adjustments.    


Every patient will become familiar with several techniques we use to help your body restore its own balance.  These include but are not limited to:


- Chiropractic Adjustment

- Upper Cervical Chiropractic: Identification and correction of misalignment (subluxation) of the upper neck.  Specific and Scientific adjustment of the 1st and 2nd vertebra of the spine which surround and protect the brain stem (the fusebox of your nervous system).  For those patients who require it, we also  

utilize advanced imaging like CBCT (Cone Beam Computed Tomography) to get a 3D view of your neck and the structures protecting your brain-stem.  Patients with severe neck injury, concussion, or TBI, almost always require Upper Cervical Care though not all require imaging.

- Activator Technique:  A small hand-held adjusting tool which gently delivers an impulse into joints as another form of adjustment.  Used on all patients but particularly useful with the elderly, pediatric patients, and at injury sites. 

- Drop Adjustment

- Pelvic Blocking: Soft wedges placed under the pelvis to categorically align you while you rest. 

- Sacro-Occipital Technique: Gentle pressure and breathing to balance movement in the base of the skull and sacrum. 

- Cranial Adjusting: Gentle pressure and breathing to encourage movement in the skull which improves autonomic nervous system balance, sinus drainage, and lymphatic movement. 



Beyond the unique manual care you receive here, there is depth to this healing work.  You will learn your healing potential is within you already.  I am inspired to be a catalyst in unlocking that intrinsic healing ability.  You will be empowered, not minimized here.  Supported, not frightened into decisions.  Grounded in trusting your body’s ability, not fearful of challenges in your health.  This process may require that we learn how your body is communicating with you and how you can honor your unique needs.  What you eat or don’t eat, your perceptions and beliefs, and where you spend your energy all impact your wellbeing and the direction of your life.  Those topics will be part of our discussion because your health includes your physical structure, your emotional and spiritual experience, and your lifestyle.  If your current lifestyle is incongruent with your health goals I can help you pivot and align with your highest intentions.  Without exception, this leads to empowering choices.  


Chiropractic has the power to inspire and inform your personal healing and growth as it has for me.  I would be honored to help you. 

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