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Every strong and stable structure begins with a sturdy foundation. Your feet, and more specifically your arches, are the foundation for your spine. Over time, we lose the ability to maintain our arch support. This can be a naturally occurring phenomenon from the aging process, but most often it is perpetrated by being overweight and inactive. When the arch loses the ability to provide support, it sets off a chain of changes to the body. As the arch flattens, it can draw our knee inward, causing the hip to rotate inward and eventually dropping the pelvis on that side. This drop in the pelvis can cause a wide range of aches and pains throughout the body including the hip, pelvic area, low back, knees, ankles, feet, and shoulders. A lack of support can also lead to a shortening of the muscles of the arch, known as “plantar fasciitis.”


Orthotic design over the years has changed in shape, size, and material. Traditionally, orthotics were made of hard substances such as plastic or wood to provide support under the arch. A common complaint for users of these orthotics was a feeling of discomfort almost like stepping on a rock. Recent studies have also shown that this rigid type of orthotic can be damaging to the structure of the arch. We use orthotics from Foot Levelers incorporating a semi-ridged orthotic that is not designed to wedge up your arch, but rather to help slow the flattening of your arch throughout the gait cycle.


For more information regarding Foot Levelers technology feel free to visit their website Foot Levelers Website, or call our office and speak to one of our staff members.

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