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Advanced Upper Cervical Imaging

Our doctors have access to a unique type of imaging that may serve to support your care.   This CBCT (Cone Beam Computed Tomography) takes a 3D image of the skull and cranio-cervical junction.  It is a large advance on traditional X-RAY imaging in that it provides a 3D view of the 3D human structure.  X-RAY is limited by a 2D view of a 3D structure.   

 Due to the fact that the structures at the top of your spine surround the brain-stem, it is of paramount importance that your doctor knows exactly how to remove pressure. The 45 second procedure using cone-beams will capture hundreds of angles in a short period of time and with less radiation exposure than 2D X-RAYS.  Measurements are taken according to the CBCT imaging which can inform how your doctor adjusts you. 

Clinical Results:

Due to the increase in precision, it is usually the case that your results to care will be improved.  We find that this type of information can unlock stubborn cases, break chronic cycles, and change the outcome of most Chiropractic and Neurological cases.  If you are having trouble healing, have suffered trauma to the neck or head, or are experiencing difficulty holding adjustments, your doctor may suggest this imaging. 

What are the Benefits of CBCT Imaging?

- More accurate diagnosis
- Less Radiation
- Better Image quality
- More viewing angles
- Better Clinical Outcomes and Results
- More precise treatment planning

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