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Before Nikki was our Office Manager, she was a patient with Chosen Spot Chiropractic & Wellness. Nikki began chiropractic care during her 3rd pregnancy with Dr. Melissa, by the recommendation of her doula to help with past trauma to her body. Not only did chiropractic help with making her pregnancy and delivery a bit easier, but she also gained a wealth of knowledge on Applied Kinesiology, and nutritional supplements for the body.

When coming to get adjusted, she always left with a bit more knowledge, and resources on how to implement chiropractic care for immune system support, and preventative healthcare, for herself and her family.

Nikki graduated with honors from Keuka College with a Bachelor of Science in Organizational Management. After graduation, she went off to work in corporate America. Back in 2020, Nikki wanted to work in an environment that aligned with her belief systems and be surrounded by a community that shared in her mission to serve and serve with love; so she left the big corporation to work for small town America. 

You will find Nikki working the front of the office, but also the back of the house. If she is not helping with patients, she is handling insurance and office organization. Outside of Chosen Spot, Nikki serves her community as a lactation counselor and a Birth Doula. When she isn’t being a #womanofalltrades, she is enjoying life with her three kiddos, and fur baby. 

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