Dr. Marcella Burkard was born into the chiropractic tradition. She had her first chiropractic adjustment the day she was born! Her father, Dr. Thomas Wright, practiced chiropractic in Canandaigua for 43 years before he retired in 2009. From a very young age, she learned to trust her body’s ability to restore, heal and balance itself. As a child in a chiropractic home, she seldom visited the doctor. When she or any of her siblings were sick, they were adjusted and home remedies and nutrients were used to treat the illness.


Determined to blaze her own individual trail, she began her undergraduate studies in veterinary medicine while she was in Las Vega, Nevada. It was not long into the program, however, that she began to realize, on a very deep level that her ideas about health were very different than those being taught and utilized in a Western veterinary office. As is so often the case in life, things came full circle for her. She was being called “home” to chiropractic.


She received her bachelor’s degree in Human Biology, and then went on to receive her Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Logan College of Chiropractic in Chesterfield Missouri in December of 1993. At this point, she literally did move home to the Finger Lakes, and was welcomed by her father to be part of Wright Chiropractic. Dr. Wright, at that point, became more than just a father to her. Dr. Marcella was presented with the gift of being mentored by a true master ad healer in Dr. Wright.


Today, Wright Chiropractic has become Chosen Spot Chiropractic. Joining Dr. Marcella in continuing Dr. Wright’s legacy are Dr. Melissa O’Loughlin and Dr. Maggie Benham. Each of the three doctors bring their own gift, strengths and style to the practice, while always staying true to the standards upon which this practice was built since 1967.


Dr. Marcella’s mission is to provide an environment that promotes healing for each patient that walks through the door of her practice. For some that simply means maintaining alignment of their body, providing them with relief from their pain. For some that means providing them with strategies to improve and balance chemistry through diet modification, and nutrients. For some this means focusing on thinking patterns that may be having a negative impact on their health, and talking about strategies for changing them. For the vast majority of Dr. Marcella’s patients, all three of these facets of their health will be addressed during a course of treatment.