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Gabby is one of the smiling faces that you will see at our front desk. She became an established patient here after she started working, and learned about how chiropractic with applied kinesiology can really change a person’s life, not only physically, but mentally as well. After her first few appointments, she grew a huge understanding of the mind and body connection, and how there are so many different ways you can help your body naturally. 


She originally had plans to go to nursing school, but that quickly changed when she realized that she grew a strong passion for chiropractic care. She graduated from FLCC with an Associate's in Healthcare Studies in 2022, and will be attending the Northeast College of Health Sciences in the fall of 2023 to pursue the Doctor of Chiropractic program.


Outside of work and school, you will find her enjoying her time with her lab,Oakley, and fishing with her boyfriend, Phil. She also loves traveling, and spending time with her niece, Savannah. 


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