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Kaitlyn joined our front desk team in late December of 2023, but she was no stranger to Chosen Spot Chiropractic. She began  her journey first as a patient in 2021 after she felt as though she’d hit a “brick wall” in seeking care from her primary care doctor and various specialists. Throughout her time working with Dr. John and the care team at Chosen Spot, she was able to find relief, healing, and even find a greater appreciation and understanding of Chiropractic, supplementation and Applied Kinesiology. 

Kaitlyn graduated from Allegheny College in Meadville, Pennsylvania with her Bachelors of Science in Environmental Science and Sustainability and a Minor in Dance and Movement studies. As a patient she was able to begin learning that most traditional medication has a root in nature; whether it’s in the form of a plant or animal product. Now working as a Front Desk Coordinator she gets to expand her knowledge on the healing properties of plants and the world around her through Chiropractic practices. She is currently attending Montana State University online to complete her Masters in Land Resources and Environmental Science. 

You can find Kaitlyn working alongside Nikki at the front desk, tending to phone calls, scheduling appointments, researching different supplements, and interacting with patients. Outside of work, Kaitlyn loves to garden, hike, and spend time with her Fiancé and two Golden Retrievers, Marty and Gus. 

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